Coaching / Consulting

Coaching / Consulting

Wendy's integrative approach to coaching/consulting sheds light on how communication that results in fulfilling & positive outcomes is often connected to out personal and familial interactions as well as professional ones.


"How we do anything is ... how we do everything."

Everyone has an internal instinct that speaks to them. These instincts are often accompanied by emotions when we feel tense, awkward, or uncomfortable. It  can play out in interactions at work, with a partner, or within families, but wherever the discomfort arises it is a signal that you are being given an opportunity to learn and improve a situation. If you are unsure how to approach making a change, coaching can provide a support that could launch your future growth.

If you have never had a coach or worked with a consultant who is passionate about helping you discover your talents it's a tool that highly successful people utilize in all aspects of their life. You learn how to focus on your talents, and trust yourself.

Wendy uses the Gallup StrengthFinder®, Myers-Briggs and other Intuitive tools to help you have a more complete view of where you are today and where you are potentially going.

As an Executive, could you benefit from some deeper insight, feedback, and support?

Would you like to figure out what you are really good at and do it more? What are your talents?

Do you want to move past doubts and finally take action?

Is there something in your personal life you would like to understand better? Your Partner? Your Kids?

There are a few different ways you can work with me.

Get Started with the Basic Essentials

These sessions are designed to help you get clearer about the path you are on and provide encouraging support as you take your next step. You will feel energized and hopeful as you learn more about the best way to utilize your talents moving forward. If you are unsure whether you are ready to commit to a more intensive coaching package, these options are a great start..

Relationships - All About Me... (And You)

If you are in a relationship, want to be, or improve the way you work with other people these options help you understand what you need from relationships and how your communication style impacts others. Your Gallup Strengthsfinder ® assessment and other intuitive tools are used to help you understand the specific words, actions and responses that are supportive to you in being productive and positive in your interactions. These sessions help you get the results you want and understand what gets in the way.

Suggested Resources

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Recent Blog Posts

I am eternally curious and love to learn and teach about how we communicate and it’s impact on our lives. I look for unique ways to teach what I learn to others, as well as help them to discover the best way for them to succeed at their personal and professional goals. You will find blogs about team building, how to approach change, how to communicate better with your colleagues or your partner, and much more. It’s impossible to separate communication from the person, so I explore ideas and connections like I am on an adventure. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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Does Work Feel Like Hunger Games?

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Don't Ignore that Niggle

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How Much Clearer Could I Be?

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