Employee Development

Employee Development

We strive to deliver on our brand promises of: integrity, honesty, candor, and creative insight. Most successful businesses are dynamic and constantly have to adapt to a variety of industry variables.


Employee Training

Our consistent theme is using Employee Strengths to make challenges opportunities. The number one complaint from people working with people is “poor communication.” When you add the multi-generational workforce it could be a “perfect storm” for ineffective communication.

The rapid pace of business combined with the mulit-generational workforce could be a “perfect storm” for ineffective communication. On the other hand, it could be your business’s greatest resource if you know how to cultivate all the talent

We provide Employee Training in the following areas:

As a Louisiana State Training Provider, we can help you determine if you qualify for SBET training grants.


As a Gallup Certified Coach and experienced teacher, her model has always been to focus on what can make someone better by focusing on what they already do well. Read her client testimonials or watch the video and hear it from them.

Wendyʼs presentations encourage employees and business leaders to use their strengths to stay competitive in a fast changing economic landscape. When people and businesses are forced to change itʼs often to late. Her focus on people will instigate change that builds on existing talents and develops them further. No one wants to be left behind especially when they had what they needed to succeed. In addition she coaches executives and leaders on how to use their strengths to cultivate their teams and recognize untapped potential.

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