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About Wendy Hornung

Ideation | Connectedness | Command | Input | Maximizer

A wide spectrum of successful training expertise led Wendy to launch a unique business consulting company that specializes in professional development training for business leaders and employees. Her positive approach utilizes Strength Based Training to help a company or individual identify the specific area that will benefit from custom training. For example, a company might want to bridge communication styles between the sales departments and technical support in order to develop specific communication skills that minimize errors. Another company or individual might want to learn more about how the strengths of individuals can support a personal goal or company mission.



Wendy’s training philosophy is a combination applied communications theory with training intuition that has enabled her to adapt from teaching children to executives. Executives, employees and managers all have different strengths and experiences that they bring to the work environment. Her understanding of individual strengths and styles of communication in people provides the basis of customized training. Her unique experience coaching the University of Massachusetts Equestrian Team to three consecutive top ten national rankings out of 250 teams after a twenty-year drought, along with instructing people to train horses has cultivated an ability to understand how people problem solve and deal with challenges in a variety of ways. This successful coaching record combined with developing training curriculums in different industries such as film production, jewelry, education, customer service, and professional communication etiquette has further added to her depth. She has worked with young inexperienced people and extremely knowledgeable clients to achieve their objectives with success.


While acting as the Director of Digital Media at South Louisiana Community College and as a former faculty member of University of Massachusetts Animal Science and Veterinary program she gained tremendous insight on the young work force and how to work with generational differences and expectations. Along with developing digital media courses to prepare students for today’s business needs, advising students, and assisting them with job placement, she learned a lot about their communication style and attitudes about work.

Wendy focuses on the goal, and guides teams, leaders, or individuals toward success by focusing on the strengths, and making a plan. If you are positive, BOLD for Change, READY for Action, and set to GO.. her customized approach is the right fit.

  • Connect with your deeper values in business
  • Guides you to discover you own inner wisdom
  • Develop a heart driven team that cares about results
  • Invents ideas and approaches to make your business standout
  • Helps you discover your leadership strengths and impact on others
  • Truly cares about clients

Strengths in Action

Wendy is a deeply sensitive and perceptive trainer, coach, and consultant who constantly learns. She cares about people and is innovative and flexible enough to imagine new ways to develop potential in people. In her world there are endless tools for expanding our mind and gaining insight. Anything that can enhance self- awareness is fair game, and ends up in her toolbox.

No individual or business can be to sure what she will bring to stimulate and open minds. Her multi-passionate nature incorporates sports, food, art, philosophy, storytelling and more.



Wendy grew up in a town west of Boston Massachusetts and began her college education at Framingham State College while working, training horses, and competing. She completed her Masters at University of Louisiana in Lafayette,
and became a Gallup Certified Coach.

Master of Science Communication

University of Louisiana, Lafayette

Bachelor of Science Communication
Minor- Psychology

Framingham State College. Framingham Massachusetts

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

Individuals & Teams

Wendy is clearly a natural problem solver and teacher. She has an incredible ability to take complicated situations or ideas and make them simple to understand. The intuitive way in which she approaches a problem, a lesson, or a plan is nothing less than refreshing.  She's most definitely a rising talent in her field!

Angela Jasper / DVM & Holistic Care

Angela Jasper

Wendy has an ability to clarify how your talents and life patterns connect to your real world experiences. She has a way of bringing what lurks deep down to the surface into your awareness that helps with decision making, timing, and considering the big picture. I learned new ways to communicate with my husband and my girls. Her encouragement and perspective has helped build my confidence and see the ways I can develop my business.Schedule

Jackie Cosper / Wellness Consultant

Jackie Cosper

I have the good fortune to work with Wendy on two occasions. In both situations, I was so impressed with her insight, her depth, and her genuine passion for what she does. She closely researched my chart in conjunction with my Gallup strengths test result and discussed her conclusions in great detail. She provided me with so much insight that I had previously never had nor considered, and ways in which I could maximize my attributes and potential. She carefully considered my stumbling blocks and suggested ways to approach these issues which were eminently doable and practical. Since talking with her, I have definitely started to look at the world and how I operate within in it differently. I also need to emphasize that Wendy has an obvious passion for helping others and has found a framework that allows her to maximize this talent most effectively. Wendy is so genuine in her desire to see her clients succeed and her encouragement has provided me with a lot of confidence. I think that I rely upon her suggestions, and her insight daily! She has motivated me to continue to push forward with my personal and professional development. I highly encourage anyone who is considering a coach to contact Wendy.

Jennifer St. Germain / Vice Preisdent - T. Rowe Price

Jennifer St. Germain

After working with Wendy over a period of time, I have a renewed understanding about the context of my personal development. The process was much deeper than expected and consequently both my destiny and purpose have become much clearer through our work together. Having someone who genuinely cares about you and is willing to hold your feet to the fire on things that may not at first seem tangible made a huge difference. My experience with her  has revealed patterns that have provided clearer insight into new ways of seeing myself... There's a spiritual and psychological component to this process that one just needs to experience for themselves.

Robb Landry / Director of Business Development- Custom Automated Controls, Inc.

Robb Landry

Wendy started working with my company soon after the journey began. Her vision, creativity, and ability to work with our diverse team was way outside the box and had never been seen before in our industry. She has a way of helping people past their blocks to focus on positive change by using their talents. Wendy’s knowledge and insight on how to recognize and apply talents to specific situations is amazing. She is an inspiring visionary that finds unique ways to cultivate the best in individuals and teams. We continue to work with her at every opportunity.Schedule

Sherry Latour / President - Top’s Appliances and Cabinetry

Sherry Latour

Being a person in constant transition and an introspective introvert, figuring out how to channel my talents and invest in focusing on one idea has always been a challenge for me. Two years ago I began working with Wendy and it has been the most transformative experience of my life! Wendy has so many unique and highly engaging effective tools to assist any person who wants to make a professional leap forward. During this period of time working with Wendy, she helped me think more deeply about the role I already had and challenged me to develop new ways of leading people and defining my career goals. Since then, I have been promoted twice in a previous role and I am now in an executive level position in the highly competitive healthcare industry. Change can be hard, but timing, and working with the right coach, is everything! Thank you Wendy!Schedule

Skyra Rideaux / Mayor's Assistant - City of Lafayette, La

Skyra Rideaux


We have a diverse team with an integrated approach to training that is customized for your specific company or organization. All elements that impact productivity from wellness to system efficiency, documentation, and more are covered by our experienced and talented team.

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