What's Your Leadership DNA

What's Your Leadership DNA?

Wendy Hornung - Thursday, November 09, 2017

What’s does Leadership DNA have to do with Bruno Mars?

It might seem like a silly question at first, but after watching Bruno Mars in a rare interview about what drives him, I realized he is dialed in to his Leadership DNA. It is rare to see anyone carrying out what they are meant to do at this level, and it is very inspiring! 

We all do not have Bruno’s musical DNA to perform on stage, but we all do have our own talents coded in our DNA.

Bruno’s talent is creativity and expression through music. He was fascinating to watch in this interview because he was reluctant to talk about himself. He prefered to focus on music and writing songs and how to make his current 24 Karat tour...

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Google's New Complaint Translator

Google's New Complaint Translator

Wendy Hornung - Monday, October 16, 2017

Have you heard of Google's "New" Complaint Translator? Me neither! But I have good news, I have a few tips that might help you translate complaints better anyway. 

Whether you are a perky up beat person that dreads hearing anything negative, or a serious disciplined worker bee, or you are entirely something else, you have your own tools to deal with complaints in a productive manner. If the thought of a complaint makes you feel like super man standing next to kryptonite; complaints no longer have to make you feel drained.

First, recognize the type of complaint that is your kryptonite. Believe it or not, we don't all respond to the same complaints the same way. For example: If you have a very consistent approach to how you manage projects and you have an employee who is always looking to improve things....

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Beyond Negativity

Beyond Negativity

Wendy Hornung - Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Many managers and leaders hear a lot of complaints from their team, what’s your response? Do any of these sound familiar?

“There they go again.”

“Never happy.”

“Just do your job.”

“Not everyone sees the big picture.”

“Negativity is such a drain.”

“Change is hard, but that’s our industry.”

All of these are normal reactions, but we all know that sparks of negativity can catch fire and burn out all the positive things that are working. These sparks need to be dealt with one way or another.

Your strengths describe where you can be at your most productive, and give huge insights where you are not at your best.

Your reaction to complaints is a clue to what your strengths are and how you use them to lead others. They also provide insight on how you hear and value team complaints. For...

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How Do You Hold On To Good Things

How Do You Hold On To Good Things?

Wendy Hornung - Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The word retention is most often used in business because losing well-trained employees is too expensive to ignore. The “bottom line” focus is usually what drives the conversation, but it can be a distraction from the solution.

When you think about how the word retention applies to more than business, it opens up new ways to think about retention. Holding on to people that work well with others is a good thing in business as well as marriage, sports teams, volunteer organizations and clubs to name a few.

When you apply the word “retention” to things outside of business the “retention drivers” appear with clarity. They are key to what make marriages last, and businesses thrive.

These three “retention drivers” are how we hold on to good things.

  1. Commitment to Personal...

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Mother Nature’s Lessons on Leading through Disaster

Mother Nature’s Lessons on Leading through Disaster

Wendy Hornung - Thursday, August 25, 2016

We are all in this together.

It has been heart warming to see how people all over Louisiana have risen up to help each other. “Louisiana Strong” is more than a slogan. It harbors the love that it takes to help others, rebuild homes and infrastructure, and connect people in communities. It’s impossible to ignore pain and loss amidst devastation.

 No one is immune.

I have never been through a disaster like our Louisiana Flood. My husband was forced to relocate from New Orleans after Katrina, and I have many friends still healing from that experience. We were fortunate to be safe and dry in this one, but many of our friends, neighbors, and community were not. Unfortunately, if you have been through one disaster, it doesn’t lower your odds of experiencing another. (One reason insurance companies don’t sell flood insurance...

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Feedback Perks

Feedback Perks

Wendy Hornung - Thursday, July 21, 2016

Have you ever had a boss that did not listen to what the team had to say or took feedback personally? How did you respond?

Years ago, I was hired to create a proposal to update a training program for a very successful jewelry company. I met with the company president, and we brainstormed and talked about his workforce, and his long-term vision for the company.

I put together a plan, and the company President shared his vision with the team and asked for feedback. Each member gave reasons why they did not feel the changes should happen at the time, even though it was a good plan for the future. Some of the reasons made sense, and some were the usual resistance that comes with any change.

What has stuck with me for years was that the President listened to...

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Have You Read Yours

Have You Read Yours?

Wendy Hornung - Friday, July 08, 2016

Have you ever read an instruction manual to put together a bookcase or a chair and didn’t understand it?  Feel like it was written in a foreign language? Maybe you never read directions and choose the “wing it” approach. Not everyone understands instructions the same way.

What language is your operational manual written in? This shapes how you do everything from work to family.

Habit may be your default response to change and problems, but you might not recognize how a different approach could compliment your personal operating system offering positive results you never imagined. Of course that information is in your “Owner’s Manual.”

If you think about how different people’s mental reactions and emotional approaches are to situations, then you can see how we all could benefit from understanding our personal operator’s manual.  The good news is we all come...

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Beyond the Stall Spot

Beyond the Stall Spot

Wendy Hornung - Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Have you ever been in a “Stall Spot” in your life? Maybe you weren’t sure what to do next, or which direction to go, so you did nothing.

I coined the phrase, “Stall Spot” because it describes what I see happen to lots of people at different ages and stages, including myself.

Recently, my niece, Lea, found herself in a “Stall Spot,” soon after graduating high school. Higher education didn’t make sense to her and she wasn’t sure what to do for work either.

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What's Not the "Right Stuff"

What's Not the "Right Stuff?"

Wendy Hornung - Thursday, June 09, 2016

In order to succeed, we depend on other people in some way, but not just any people. Whatever your dream, whatever your goal, the “right” people make the difference.

Do you remember Apollo 13? These astronauts were on a mission to go to the moon, but when one of the capsule’s oxygen tanks exploded they had to abort landing on the moon, go around the moon (further away than any other humans had been at the time) and head back to earth. The timing was critical due to mechanical malfunctions slowing the removal of Carbon Dioxide from the capsule. This was a maximum high stress situation. The “right” people were key to mission success.

It took a big team of NASA engineers and scientists along with the astronauts working together to make it back.

They all had the “Right Stuff.”

I know, most of...

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New Drug of Choice

New Drug of Choice

Wendy Hornung - Friday, June 03, 2016

How many of you do recreational drugs while you are at work?

“Not me,” you say?

If you multi-task, then you may well be addicted to distraction!

In Devora Zach’s book, “Single Tasking” she explains our “craving for novelty.”

When you switch from one task to another, dopamine, the feel “happy hormone” is released in your brain as well as adrenaline. Adrenaline is the stress hormone that is released when things feel exciting whether they are good or bad.

We get high off of distractions!

Have you ever wondered why you feel compelled to check Facebook, respond to Instant messages, share Tweets, Snap Chat, or check your emails every five minutes?

Who knew that being so busy switching tasks could be so intoxicating? The ironic part is that many of us say we will disconnect, or check emails once a day, or put the phone on...

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