How Much Clearer Could I Be?

How Much Clearer Could I Be?

Wendy Hornung - Wednesday, March 07, 2018 - Comments:

Have you ever given directions to someone you are working with on a job, or even in your relationships, and been disappointed with the outcome?

It’s more common than it needs to be!

Most people blame the other person for not listening. But the truth is, your explanation may have been perfect, for you. The thing we all forget is that we all listen for different pieces of information depending on our strengths, which is how we are wired.

My brain likes to make conceptual connections. I like to create and develop things that don’t exist, build a business, write, paint, take pictures, make movies. My husband enjoys doing activities within an applied framework. He is creative, but his creativity shines through by building designing and using objects. He enjoys things that have structure and are tangible. He likes to renovate houses, and fly jets.

We do not listen to directions the same way at all. New information launches my brain into the realm of possibilities. He listens for answers to learn information that he can apply to something he is doing.

Imagine we both worked for you, and you wanted us to organize an event. We would both get it done, but the information you share would be processed in our own unique ways.

How would you know that we each heard what you intended us to hear, when we are so different? (Are you starting to see a pattern here?)

If you understood our strengths, and your own strengths, you would have a jump start on knowing the right questions to ask each of us and even be clued in to how we listen to directions.

Do you know your strengths and what you listen for? It’s a great place to start, because then you can explain to others why you focus on what you do. You can then ask them to help you fill in the pieces on how they listen.

Think about this. Communication is challenging for everyone. If you don’t think about it and how you can improve it, you probably are aggravating more people than you know!

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