What's Your Leadership DNA?

What's Your Leadership DNA?

Wendy Hornung - Thursday, November 09, 2017 - Comments:

What’s does Leadership DNA have to do with Bruno Mars?

It might seem like a silly question at first, but after watching Bruno Mars in a rare interview about what drives him, I realized he is dialed in to his Leadership DNA. It is rare to see anyone carrying out what they are meant to do at this level, and it is very inspiring! 

We all do not have Bruno’s musical DNA to perform on stage, but we all do have our own talents coded in our DNA.

Bruno’s talent is creativity and expression through music. He was fascinating to watch in this interview because he was reluctant to talk about himself. He prefered to focus on music and writing songs and how to make his current 24 Karat tour better. He talked about the importance of everyone on the tour team and how he did not want to let them down. Bruno wanted to keep building on their success.

It’s hard to imagine the show being any better!

Being at his concert a few weeks ago was exhilarating. He connects to this huge audience as though he knows each person. Bruno’s talents express themselves best, when he performs and creates and his heart drives how he leads. He has been developing his talent and overcoming obstacles for years. Now his talents are obvious strengths.

Do you know what your strengths are?

If you are not sure, you are missing out on a key element of your ability to make the most of the talents you were born to use.

When you don't know what your strengths are you may think your strengths are a problem.

One woman I know, is incredible at driving multiple businesses. For years, people called her “Bossy” and it seemed like a problem. Once she understood her strengths, she realized that this term “Bossy” also could be described as “action oriented” and that her approach, “let’s get started and do it!,” is actually a rare talent! This strength is Activator.

If “bossy” had stuck to how she defined herself with all the associated negative meanings, she may not have developed her inborn drive to get people moving and creating businesses.

She learned from her strengths, how others might see her, which helps her be aware of when she might need to slow down, or wait to give the group a push to action for the right time. Activator is one of her dominant strengths, and it shapes how she does everything, and how she interacts with others.

It helps her understand what to do when she gets stuck, or what not to do!

Understanding your strengths provides a blue print of your Leadership DNA, or in Bruno's case, a creative river.

If you have not taken the strength finder test, here is a link. You can take it at your convenience, and get the results of the test right away.

It would be sad if Bruno Mars did not use his talents, and it is sad if you are not using yours, because you and everyone around you is missing out.

It’s a no brainer that the more you understand about your own strengths- the greater your potential for getting the results you want. You also learn how to navigate the challenges you face around your weaknesses. When you feel stuck or drained, knowing your strengths provides your personal strategy.

Many leaders feel stuck because they can’t make improvements to reach a goal, but knowing your strengths provides valuable insight on the steps you need to take. Your answer to the following question is the first step in clarifying specifics in leading others. Your answers are your undiscovered strengths whispering to you, "please use us."

What are your favorite parts of your job?

What types of circumstances leave you feeling stuck? 

For some of you it's when people are not working together. For others you might be frustrated that you did not get all the information you need. Some people might feel drained because of a work environment that is dealing with new systems.

Whatever leaves you feeling drained,  it is a clue that you are either not using your strengths, misusing them, or that you have come upon a weakness.

In any case, in order to continue to develop your Leadership DNA and get unstuck, understanding how to use your strengths is key.

If you are committed to developing your leadership DNA I have a small group workshop coming up soon: How to Get Unstuck When You Lead Others- Use Your Strengths.

The maximum participants is 6. REGISTER here.

By now you know I am a big proponent of strengths and I integrate them into my coaching to develop organizational teams and individuals. I see the amazing results people have by focusing on their strengths as a leader in business and in  every aspect of daily life. 

Gallup's extensive research focused on what is right about each of you.

So when you feel stuck and want to move forward, focusing on what is right about you, is a great place to start!

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please email or give me a call!