How to Love Your Employees When...They Complain

How to Love Your Employees When...They Complain

110 Travis St. (Travis Technology Center),
Lafayette, Louisiana 70503
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Travis Technology Center
110 Travis St.
Lafayette, LA 70503

When employees complain they can often create a negative environment in the workplace and affect other team members.

On April 18, 2017, executive coach and Certified Gallop Strength Coach, Wendy Hornung, will hold a free workshop to help managers, directors and team leaders understand the best ways to uncover, handle and respond to employee complaints.

Wendy, President of Hornung Creative Consulting & Coaching, has worked with numerous clients in leadership positions. She fully understands the frustrations leaders have when employees engage in negative behavior. She has personally worked with executives to help them understand their own strengths and how those strengths affect their teams and play a role in the company culture.

After years of coaching, she noticed that this was a pain point many executives shared. Because of this she is hosting a free workshop to help managers deal with similar problems.

What you will learn:

  • Why your reaction is critical

  • A new understanding of your employees

  • How your strengths shape responses



Course Overview

Have you ever had too much to do and had an employee complain at the wrong time? 
Do you dread hearing employees complain? 
Do you find it hard to remember what’s right when you keep hearing about what’s wrong?
Many Employers and Bosses express frustration over this. Are you one of them?
This workshop is for you!

This free workshop will get you thinking about the best ways for you to uncover, handle, and respond to complaints. Under the occasional flurries of negativity there is an opportunity to be uncovered. 



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