Lead with Your Strengths

Lead with Your Strengths

110 Travis Street (Travis Technology Center),
Lafayette, LA 70505
11:00-1:00 pm
337-278-1274     wendy@wendyhornung.com

This is the last workshop in this 705 sponsored series and we will be discussing how to use your strengths to lead others with clarity and focus. Up to this point, participants have learned more about their strengths, how they interact in relationships, and how values and strengths need to connect for full impact. (Lunch is provided!)

It's one thing to read about your strengths but if you aren't learning how to apply them you are missing out on focusing on what truly can guide you to stay in your lane!

Your Top 5 strengths are unique to you. Only 1 in 35 million people have the same top 5 strengths in the same order. Understanding yourself is critical to Leading Others.

Now how will you use your Strengths to Lead?

Leaders have to navigate constant change and face ethical challenges.

How do you use your strengths and values to make tough decisions? What are your strength’s blind spots and how can you recognize them?

Being able to answer these questions will enable you to remain consistent and clear as you make your next decision or try to get buy in from others.

Take the Gallup Strengthfinder test if you haven’t already. The test only takes about 20 minutes and you will get your results immediately!

Link: https://www.gallupstrengthscenter.com/Purchase/en-US/Product?Path=Clifton+StrengthsFinder

I like to learn about my audience as I prepare, so if you are coming please complete the short survey and share your strengthfinder test results. I really appreciate learning about you!


If you have any questions please contact me at wendy@wendyhornung.com or give me a call 337-534-4266.











Course Overview

Come explore how you can use your Strengths to Lead  others.



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Here are some opportunities to learn more about how strengths apply to you in your profession or everyday life. Building on strengths is the bridge to your future success.

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110 Travis Street (Travis Technology Center). • Lafayette, LA 70505

337-278-1274 • wendy@wendyhornung.com