Radical Reset: A Strength Based Workshop

Radical Reset: A Strength Based Workshop

University of Louisiana, Conference Center,
Lafayette, Louisiana
8:00am - 5:00pm

“Radical Reset” is a workshop designed to help leaders within companies or organizations learn how they can use their strengths to build strategies that integrate people and systems to support their mission and be ready to adapt.

 Wendy Hornung and Jeff Resweber, are two experts that have intentionally combined their People and Systems expertise to help leaders approach business growth from a more integrated mindset.

As a leader, can you relate to any of these employee challenges?

  • Employees don’t follow through on assignments.
  • Changes that are good for the business stall because employees won’t embrace new processes.
  • Team members don’t talk to each other even though it would improve customer service.
  • Employees complain about each other, their jobs, their pay, their schedules.
  • You repeat things and people act as though they never heard it before.
  • Employees are  unmotivated.
  • Accountability is minimal.
  • Attention to detail is poor.
  • Problem solving skills are scarce.

Meanwhile, along with navigating the complex variety of people around you, there are all the Systems that need attention. Systems are crucial to operational success, but if people do not understand and use them properly they may not recognize what needs improvement. People often react to symptoms of process problems because they don’t know the right questions to ask.

 Do you recognize items on this list of Systems you would like to improve?

  • Strategic planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Project management
  • Invoices
  • Sales
  • New Hire training/Onboarding
  • Change implementation
  • R & D
  • Marketing & Networking

 You need to develop and retain good people. Learning how to get the best out of your team and how to integrate this knowledge into the processes and systems creates a stable and adaptable framework that keeps your business competitive.  

 In this one day work shop you will:

  • Gain a much deeper understanding about your impact as a leader.
  • Discover how understanding your strengths will help you lead more effectively.
  • Build a team camaraderie that is more efficient and motivated.
  • Integrate knowledge about strengths and people with a new way of thinking about business systems.
  • Learn about the questions you should ask before implementing changes as it relates to ERP, EHR, Telecommunications Infrastructure/Phone Systems, Purchasing, etc.

When you step back and look at the big picture, every business's future requires the ability to adapt and remain agile in a competitive marketplace. If you are not developing your team and improving your processes it can stunt growth, and it can be catastrophic in a downturn.

We can help you understand how people and systems are key to future success, and you will leave with practical knowledge you can apply to your real world environment.

Our workshop has a very interactive experiential format.

Do not expect 8 hours of lectures and power point slides. There will be a lot of interactive group work. We are limiting the number of registrants to create an optimal learning environment.

Workshop Registration Fee: $300.00

Your Strengthfinder Test is included in the registraion and all your workshop materials.

SBET Grants apply when qualified, and pre-approved.

For more information contact: Wendy Hornung  337-278-1274  or wendyhornung@gmail.com


Course Overview

In the dynamic and demanding business climate of the 21st century leading people to work with systems that streamline processes can be what differentiates you from competitors. Understanding how to get the best from your employees while implementing systems that drive operations is a necessity for the dynamic opportunities that are quickly approaching.

You need to develop and retain good people. Learning how to get the best out of your team and how to integrate this knowledge into the processes and systems creates a stable and adaptable framework that keeps your business competitive.



Be sure to use the code we send you once you are registered to take your Strengthfinder test. It will take less than 30 minutes and you will get the results immediately.

It would also be helpful for you to take the short survey here. We will send reminders, so that we can customize our workshop to your specific challenges as much as possible.

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Here are some opportunities to learn more about how strengths apply to you in your profession or everyday life. Building on strengths is the bridge to your future success.

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