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Adapting requires a strategy that utilizes your strengths and those of everyone around you. It sounds simple but it requires training and coaching.

Businesses and organizations are challenged by our fast changing world. How are you and your employees adapting? Does your strategy include integrating people, systems, and implementation processes?

Let us help you be the best you can be today and prepare for your future.

What We Do



We customize training to meet your goals. First, we identify individual strengths and clarify how to use them for maximum results. 

If you don't know them, the right team strategy is impossible.


How could a football team win if they don't know who can catch and who can run?




Working with Wendy gives you deep insights about your gifts and talents and how to use them to accomplish what you want professionally and personally. She also sheds light on how and when to apply those skills.

Communicating who you are and what you need frees you up to maintain clarity and purpose.

Wendy has a unique way of connecting with audiences since she has been part of the educational evolution that is impacting the workforce now.


Millennials, X'ers and Boomers in one company, Oh my! The challenges and the opportunities are endless, but how do you get them all to communicate and understand each other? Wendyʼs  unique skills engage and entertain audiences leaving them reflective and motivated to make a difference.



What clients say...

"Wendy started working with my company soon after the journey began. Her vision, creativity, and ability to work with our diverse team was way outside the box and had never been seen in out industry. She has a way of helping people past their blocks to focus on positive change by using their talents. Wendy's knowledge and insight on how to recognize & apply talents is amazing. She is an inspiring visionary that finds unique ways to cultivate the best in individuals and teams. We continue to work with her at every opportunity."

— Sherry Latour, President

Top's Appliance & Cabinetry

“After working with Wendy over a period of time, I have a renewed understanding about the context of my personal development. The process was much deeper than I expected and consequently my destiny & purpose have become clearer through our work together.  My experience with her has revealed patterns that have provided clearer insight into new ways of seeing myself. There's a spiritual & psychological component to this process that one just needs to experience for themselves.”

— Robb Landry, 

Business Development Manager

Technical Diagnostic Services

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