Our Team utilizes an integrated approach to supporting your business through everyday struggles to implementing systems that support big picture growth.


Wendy Hornung


 Ideation I Connectedness | Command 

Input | Maximizer

Some would call Wendy a "communication whisperer." 

Humor, wit, and an infectious laugh sets the tone for everyone to relax and learn. She generally begins with "what's right about you," and continues to take everyone deeper into how they see others, and others see them. This discovery  shifts the team mindset towards possibilities and new outcomes.

Since every group is different she tailors her work to individual companies. She works with companies that value culture and recognize the "people" factor as a key resource to success.

Wendy's lifelong passion and 30+ years of teaching and coaching people to reach their potential in sports, business, healthcare, as well as non-profits, has sharpened her eye for talent and enhanced her unique methods to help people. reset how they see themselves and others. She incorporates Gallup Strengths, a variety of scientific tools as well as spiritual and astrological ones.


You could say Wendy love's life in a big way and to her, everything is connected. She and her husband Kirk travel often, which is a natural fit since Kirk is a pilot. Their immediate family includes "Mister X," a rat terrier mix, "Ziggy" a  retired greyhound, and a collection of cats who adopted them. Wendy loves hiking, the outdoors, the arts, films, comedy, and spirituality. She has been an avid student of astrology since she was ten years old. Oh and she loves food and cooking too. 


"Our lives are not in perfect balance all the time, but we must flow where our curiosity leads to discover new places and possibilities." 

-Wendy Hornung

Since it takes all kinds of talent to make things happen, her team encompasses others who soar in different areas and can help support your organization's growth needs.

Meet the rest of the Team

Jeff Resweber

Analytical | Ideation | Strategic Deliberative | Learner

Jeff is the renaissance man of systems and strategic thinking.

Jeff brings stream lining businesses and an arsenal of technical skills to our services and he can train people!


In more than 20 years, Jeff has used his knowledge and experience in IT and business to streamline operations while reducing costs for companies of all sizes — from large publicly traded companies to small businesses. As a hands-on team builder with experience in process design, process improvement, internal control, systems design and implementation, Jeff has achieved business growth objectives within rapid-change environments.


He also has experience in data communications, facilities management, human resources services, insurance and purchasing. This diverse and rounded skill set make it possible for Jeff to evaluate a company from all angles and provide each business with a customized solution that meets their needs.  


Before founding An Extraordinary Mind, Jeff held positions with IE Miller Services - CPX (Head of Administration, IT and HR Manager); Sunland Construction (IT Director) and IE Miller of Eunice (Information Systems Director and Accounting).   In addition, Jeff has experience in IT education; having taught at both New Horizons of Lafayette and at University of Louisiana, Lafayette in the continuing education program. His certifications include: MCSE, MCP+I and MCT, A+.

Margot Hasha

Strategic | Learner  Intellection | Context | Input

Margot is the "mindfulness master."

Margot has maintained a psychotherapy practice for over 25 years.


She provides amazing workshops on Stress Management and brings tremendous insight from all her experience.


She joined the faculty in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Family Studies in 2008. She teaches Death and Dying, Marriage and Families, Sociology of Religion, and Medical Sociology.


Margot has been practicing various forms of Buddhist meditation for over 15 years. Her commitment to understanding human development and healing has fueled her passion and work connected to mindfulness as it relates to quality of life.

Ashley Rush

Restorative I Individualization Harmony | Responsibility | Analytical

Ashley is the "Assistant Extraordinaire."

Ashley handles the day to day operations of Hornung Creative Consulting and Coaching which includes planning, organization,  research, and project management.

Ashley Rush graduated with a M.S. in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in Fresno, California. Prior to this, she completed her B.S. in Psychology at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette.


She loves photography, Mid-Century Modernism, dogs (especially Greyhounds), and lifting weights.  x

If you would like to talk about how we can help you move your business in the right direction- Call Wendy 337-278-1274.