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 The number one complaint from people working with people is “poor communication.” When you add the multi-generational workforce  combined with technology, it could be a “perfect storm” for ineffective communication.

On the other hand, it could be your business’s greatest resource if you know how to cultivate all the talent

And we can help you do that!

We customize training to meet your goals. First, we identify individual strengths and clarify how to use them for maximum results. 

If you don't know them, the right team strategy is impossible.


How could a football team win if they don't know who can catch and who can run?

Click here for a sample of where we start.

We work with companies to support the road to results. Training & coaching go together.

 Our guidance and feedback supports improvement by helping you build strategic plans around the strengths of the team members.

Our Training is Customized to meet your goals.

  1. What are your goals?

  2. Who is on the team?

  3. Are you capitalizing on all the talent?

  4. Does your strategy match the talent?

  5. Do you have systems and processes that support growth?

We build on the strengths of the team to foster a culture of growth. 

Our methodology connects people to outcomes with measurable results.

Power Profiles that help the whole team.

Coordinated Strategy Maps

Meet Ups for Measurables

Our model is simple, and it works.

Do You Know that your business may already have paid for training?

We are  A Louisiana Training Provider.

Call now to see if you qualify.

Here's what our clients say:

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Stephanie Ardoin.jpg

Stephanie Ardoin

COO, Acadiana Ear, Nose, Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery

​Wendy's training and consulting role has helped me interact with my staff in a way that is more efficient and to the point because I understand what they need more when they come to me for support. Her insightful summaries and the unique approach with the team has helped me connect with my staff better, and created more time for me to do what I do best.

Allison Dickerson.jpg

Allison Dickerson

LAGCOE, Director of Operations and Industry Relations

​I have worked with Wendy on team strengths which has been helpful when new groups get together. Learning strengths early on has helped build cohesiveness and move the team forward.

Sherry Latour1.jpg

Sherry Latour

Owner, Top's Cabinetry & Appliances

Wendy started working with my company soon after the journey began. Her vision, creativity, and ability to work with our diverse team was way outside the box and had never been seen before in our industry. She has a way of helping people past their blocks to focus on positive change by using their talents. Wendy’s knowledge and insight on how to recognize and apply talents to specific situations is amazing. She is an inspiring visionary that finds unique ways to cultivate the best in individuals and teams. We continue to work with her at every opportunity.

Corinne Sprague_edited.jpg

LAGCOE, Events & Volunteer Coordinator

Wendy has an amazing way of highlighting each person’s strengths, playing to each others energies, and offering suggestions on ways to improve that are helpful and respectful.

Deborah McGuay_edited.jpg

LAGCOE, Administrative Coordinator

​Wendy’s workshop was very informative and provided a unique learning tool that  benefited our office and employee team interaction.

Corinne Sprague_edited.jpg

Product Manager

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