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Your personalized Power Profile synthesizes your top 5 Gallup Strengths along with insites gained from your natal chart patterns.


Each "Power Profile" is custom created by Wendy for each individual client.


Your custom created profile:

  • Confirms and clarifies the way you operate at your best.
  • Describes the scenarios that are your kryptonite, or helps you recognize when you may not be applying your strengths to your advantage.
  • Provides insight on your responses to feedback and confrontation and how that  impacts you in professional or personal relationships.


Discover what your power looks like to others and learn what types of situations are potentially challenging for you? How do you act in those situations?


Your profile is a great tool to help you recognize your different reactions so that you can have a strategic response.


How do you like your feedback served? What are your stress warnings?


When it comes to confrontation, what upsets you? How does your manner of dealing with confrontation impact the dynamics with those around you?


As a leader, manager, or a person who enjoys having positive encounters with other people regardless of the environment, these are critical pieces of information, that most people are not able to articulate.


You can start with yourself, and then utilize this as a tool for the team.


In order to max out your talent you need to know what you bring and how to use it.

(This is also a fantasic too to use with a team. When you understand how each other operates, and the hard stuff is no longer a mystery, you go into problem solving with all your super powers engaged.)


Please allow 3-5 weeks for email delivery of your power profile PDF.

Power Profile

  • You'll receive a customized Power Profile of 5-7 pages describing your super powers, how to use them for good, when to know when they are working against you....

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