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Have We Been Here Before? Women's Rights & Black Lives Matter

When we look at history and the planetary cycle of Neptune in Pisces there are some undeniable historical correlations to our current times. Neptune enters Pisces again. It's been 163 years since it's last visit, and now it restarts it's cycle traveling around the sun.

The last time Neptune entered Pisces from 1848-1863, the Women’s Suffrage and Abolitionist movements kicked off a time of social unrest, leading into the American Civil War. When Neptune enters Pisces again, 163 years later in 2011, the Black Lives Matter and the Me Too movements rise up to be heard across social media and in demonstrations around the country. The political polarization across America is palpable once again, and the cycle is not done until 2026.

The conditions that lead to the American Civil War seem strangely familiar today, when we go back to when the Women’s movement began. What was the Declaration of Sentiments about?

Women took the ideas in the Declaration of Independence and made it known they were entitled to the same rights as men. The movement began as a joint effort with the Abolitionists who wanted to free slaves. They also were seeking equal rights.

However, they did not stay working together as the challenges grew. Staying focused on the benefits of all gave way to the needs of individual groups who perhaps did not see the value of working toward the same rights for all. Neptune and Pisces are connected to water, emotions, and no boundaries. The lesson is one of empathy and compassion.

As the cycle repeats, it is our chance as a collective group to review how far we have come in treating each other as equals. We have had over 163 years to grow and learn about this collective lesson of human rights.

In America today, are women treated as equals? Are they paid the same for equal work? Are they protected from exploitation, harm, and abuse by our system? Does the legal system provide a fair and just process? The same exact questions can be asked as it relates to the challenges the black community also face today. The diversity challenges of our world with gender definitions expanding and immigration at record levels, takes the Neptune in Pisces cycle to a whole new level.

When we look at this from a "Histrological perspective," what did we get right? What has not worked so far, and what will we do about it?

No one escapes the issue, whether you are political or not. We all impact each other and the answer is “empowerment through empathy.” In fact, the themes of each cycles may stay the same, but the complexity level increases each time the planet makes a full orbit around the sun.

This planetary cycle symbolizes water, creation, and idealism and it can be avoidance and tribalism. Ironically, we all desire to belong, and when the feeling is so strong and the fear is so vivid, our emotions can drive us to exclude others for irrational reasons. This is dangerous and represents a raw reaction to the Neptune in Pisces message. History has shown us this, as the residual pains of the Civil War still exist today.

We have the opportunity in this cycle to be flexible and fluid. When we make the effort to be open to what we do not fully understand and try to comprehend the suffering of others: we are choosing a more evolved response to the Neptune in Pisces cycle and its symbolism.

It is no accident, that these themes are in full play in our world today with Neptune in Pisces, almost 163 years later.

How will you contribute compassion? What is Neptune in Pisces teaching you in your own chart?

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