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The Astrological story - Robert Mueller and William Barr & America, Who Do You Trust?

Robert Mueller and William Barr were both hired to uphold the law and serve the American people, but do they?

A look at their Astrological chart uncovers how these two historical figures align with the foundational values of America. What drives them? What motivates them? How do each of their astrology charts connect to America?

Let's start with William Barr. William Barr is a Gemini. His birthday is May 23rd 1950. He was born in New York City. I don't have a birth time for him but we can get a good idea about how he operates. As a Gemini, he's adaptable and glib with words. He uses drama to shape meaning with his moon and Pluto in Leo. He is emotionally fueled by being in control and loves being around other people who are powerful and influential.

He also has the planet Mercury which rules the mind and how he communicates in the sign of Taurus. He doesn't like to change his mind and he likes to be treated as the authority getting to make the last word. He doesn't want you to question how he came to his conclusions. With Mars in Virgo trining mercury he works hard and has stamina to build his case and his conclusions.

William Barr's chart emphasizes the theme of power in his own life and as he wields it in the name of justice. His personal journey and evolution has a very interesting connection to the Astrological Chart of America as a country. The challenge and the big lessons in his chart is actually playing out right now. What does he actually stand for?

Robert Muller was born August 7th 1944 in New York City New York. He is a Leo and was born with the Sun and Pluto together (conjunct) which gives him an incredible heart for life and an ability to deal with crises. Along with his Sun, Pluto and Venus in Leo he has Mercury, ruler of the mind in Virgo. He's very practical, fact focused, and derail oriented. This gives him a bright analytical mind that can handle and organize a lot of information. The planet Uranus (disruption, change, innovative) in Gemini makes aspects that show he has an open mind though very grounded. His Mercury aspects utilize his ability to stay ahead and understand technology (Uranus) in a positive way.

Mueller's Pluto and Saturn are moving towards his South node which has to do with his life purpose connecting to the past and America. Right now Pluto and Saturn are both in Capricorn which is about how power is used within government (or a system). When I look at the planets in Mueller's chart right now, he's really being asked to stand up for things in a way that he probably never expected he would be asked to do.

Looking at Mueller's chart with America's, made me see and feel as a citizen, that I need to read the "Mueller Report," and do my part to serve the country. I could feel myself being led by him. The thing about Robert Mueller's chart and that sun conjunct Pluto is that, it is in the eighth house of America which is where confrontations happen. It's also the house of resources, taxes, business contracts, shared resources (particularly the ones you can't see), financing & banking. Robert Mueller's chart shines a light on the hidden deals in America's chart.

When I look at his chart, part of what he's doing for America is shining the light on what is not easily seen, and helping us recognize what is possible. We need to hold our public officials that are working for us to be accountable.

William Barr is the attorney general for the United States, technically he works for you and me. When I look at William Barr's chart with America's, it's not very good. He is definitely focused on what he can get out of this situation. There are some other forces at work that are not above board, and there are many indicators in the chart that he is not interested in upholding the values of America.

In fact Barr's chart his Neptune (represents nebulous motivations) in America's ninth house which has to do with upholding laws. Barr's Uranus sits in the seventh house of America's chart showing he is unpredictable in terms of how he honors and makes agreements. Some of his aspects would indicate that he might be innovative, and yet others challenge that notion. When we look at his lack of transparency, it is his motives, and his choice to act in a nebulous way that shows up as his choice.

When I look at Muller and Barr's charts, I see is Muller is trustworthy and Barr is not trustworthy.

Mueller has a really important role in history and he's provided a lot of information for us. He's modeling for you and me to hold all our public officials accountable to know the facts and find the truth.

I didn't create this special podcast with the intent of advocating that everybody contact their Representatives and their Senators, but when I looked at these charts I thought oh my gosh we all must. We at the very least, should read Robert Mueller's report.

I just wanted to give you an overview of these two men who are setting the stage for America's political systems, greatest test.

If you have any questions or thoughts that you would like to share with me you can tweet me at Wendy@histrology or you can e-mail me at Wendy@

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