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Are You Sure AI is for You?

Did you know every time there is a shift from one cycle to the next it coincides with big changes for humanity?

Our introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) arrived when the planet Pluto the instigator of big change moved into the sign of Aquarius which is about managing humanity. Of all the signs Aquarius is associated with revolution and invention.

How could this cycle serve humanity?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has introduced interesting possibilities.

According to MIT economic professor on how technological change impacts human capital and globalization, David Autor, “never in the history of humanity has a new technology been adapted so quickly.” Over 100 million people in two months signed on to Chat GBT and it has more than 1.5 billion visitors a day.

In the past, economists could predict the impact of technological change on labor and industry. Decisions were made with a clear goal.

The big difference with AI, is that AI itself is unpredictable. It has turned into a wild card.

The scientists who created Artificial Intelligence are sounding the alarms because they are unable to explain how it works. Yikes!

As we enter this cycle of experimental technology, it is important to review how past cycles and our collective decisions got us here.

For example: Facebook took longer than AI to take off, however it has reshaped the social landscape around the world with close to 3 billion users on it every day (Facebooks Investor report, 2023).

How has Facebook as a technology benefited you and me? Without a doubt it has made it easier to form communities and build networks. It has also made spreading misinformation simple further blurring the lines of accountability and free speech.

Who is financially benefiting from these technologies? Who has access and wields the most power in making decisions around how these platforms are used?

Artificial Intelligence is available now, without any accountability measures in place. This is not a new mistake.

What does this all mean for you?

In my upcoming complimentary series, Plug into Your Future, I will be discussing this cycle in more detail.

If you haven’t already, there is still time to register here.

I hope you can make it!

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