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Three Thought Nudgers

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

If you didn’t make any sessions of the Plug into Your Future series, it was a success! It was wonderful to spend time discussing how the themes unfolding in our world today are crucial to understanding the priorities ahead. We all are here for a reason and after sharing our unique thoughts and experiences together, I am overflowing with gratitude and hope. Nothing lifts my spirits like beautiful souls sharing their big ideas! And since BIG ideas are what seed the cosmos with possibilities, these were not fluffy conversations for the faint of heart. You know as well as I do, that the world is complicated, and the changes are accelerating. We are living in unprecedented times which is why understanding yourself, others, and what is happening in our world is critical to all of your decisions. The three Macro Cycles we discussed symbolize stories that connect all of us. I am sharing a cluster of questions below that came up in the series for you to think about if you are curious.

Security and Values When you think of your basic needs and survival requirements, what do you value most? At the most fundamental level we all need to eat and feel safe, but after that, how do you define what sustains you? Thinking about how your values relate to what sustains you, is an interesting place to start. The Power of Belonging Belonging is a human need as well. When do you feel like you belong the most? When do you feel excluded? We all have different reactions to being left out, unseen, or forgotten. Writing down your memories of an experience about belonging will provide insights around the deep emotions that relate to vulnerability. Possibilities Reborn As the weaknesses in the old structures continue to be exposed, the landscape is open for possibilities. Where did the original ideas fall short? What can be improved upon? We are headed for a rapid shift, and the window is now open for Big Ideas. It’s time to bring them all together! Want to meet and explore these themes in person with other conscious human beings? We are currently planning events! Let me know if you want to be involved. I always like hearing from you, so keep in touch!

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