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Belonging – “the People’s Drug of Choice”

Did you know that belonging is the next most powerful human need after eating and physical safety? It’s considered a birthright and without it we die slowly from the inside out. Most people are not aware of what it means to truly belong and that is a problem because the need is so strong, it makes us all susceptible to emotional fillers. I call them the “empty calories of connection.” Unfortunately, feeling like you don’t belong can manifest as addictions which you know has many disguises. What do you do when you feel alone or misunderstood? Do you overwork, over eat, drink too much, take drugs, or avoid being alone at all costs? When we feel invisible, excluded and unwelcome, we all have a reaction. When I feel lonely or disconnected, I eat chocolate. That might seem small, but it is a clue to something bigger. I love a little chocolate and I enjoy it. But when I eat a cup of chocolate chips unknowingly to comfort myself, I actually feel the opposite of satisfied. It is human to seek relief or comfort. Sometimes we seek emotional acceptance by getting involved with political, community, religious, or social groups. If you are not clear about why you want to belong, then you are vulnerable to being swept away by the passion of others which may not represent who you are at all. And that could be a problem for you and the rest of us. In one of the three major macro cycles unfolding right now, there is a lot of confusion around belonging. Isn’t it strange that we have more access to each other than at any time in history, and yet people feel more alone? Groups of people are polarized. The power of belonging can work like a destructive drug or a beautiful aphrodisiac. Belonging is the theme of next weeks, Plug into Your Future complimentary conversation. If you haven’t registered yet, register now. I hope you can make it! Even if you can’t attend, please let me know if you have any questions or what you think about belonging. #creativeconsultant #creativeconsulting #executiveleadership #leadershipdevelopment #talentmanagement

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