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When Your Body is Overcharged – There are Messages

Have you felt like a human pendulum lately?

One moment you are ready to act! You are Confident! You KNOW you are right!

Then later you interact with someone who interprets your certainty as impulsive, arrogant, or opinionated.

Which is true?

Was it your over-flowing exuberance that created resistance or was it the other person’s reaction to your message?

In the current cycle, the planet Uranus accelerates the nervous system’s processing in your physical body. Others can feel your electrical energy and they may not know how to react because everyone experiences “the surge” in their own way.

When I was a kid, we used an electric fence for the horses’ pasture. You couldn’t see the current was live in the wire, but if you touched it, you knew it was HOT!

Right now, many of us have nervous systems that are running hot or over charged.

How do you know if your body is over charged?

When you are over charged, sleeping is difficult. Think of hot wires live throughout your body. Sound relaxing? The accelerated processing takes a lot of energy.

Hence the phrase, “tired and wired.” Can’t sleep. Can’t rest.

Another sign of being over charged is when your easy going self, takes a “leave of absence.” Your drive to get things done is coupled with an urgency that leads to agitation or frustration.

On the one hand you need to rest so that you can process what you’re experiencing in your body. On the other hand, there is a feeling of urgency that refuses to be ignored. How do you work with your responses?

Unlike the pendulum, it is not one side or the other. It is both at once.

What if you treated each response and reaction as a member of your team? What do they need to do their best work? Why does it matter so much?

Use the urgency to clarify what is important to you.

Then as you act, the experience of overload becomes an untapped resource, your well of self-trust.

It will take more than one experience, but don’t give up!

And don’t forget, I will be covering this topic in my complimentary series starting next week. Register here.

Plug into Your Future. I hope to see you there.

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