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Discovering Your Feminine Power

Have you noticed the “femininity” theme keeps coming up? The world seems to be struggling with issues around masculine and feminine power. We all embody male and female qualities, and recently in the process of making some decisions, I realized I tend to favor my masculine traits.

Do you?

Last fall, I felt a new growth spurt coming. My business was busy, and yet something didn’t feel right. I’m sure you’ve had the sensation where a knowingness washes over you and whispers, “it’s time for change.”

At first, it made perfect sense. It explained why I felt restless.

No problem. I knew what to do with all this energy.

Make a goal.

Create a plan.

Get it done.

But then a light coating of ice glazed over all my driven activity, and I stopped moving. Confusion slipped in between a few cracks and doubt through a few more.

I asked myself, why is the response to take action so automatic?

We are taught, that “action begets action” which is true, and it’s reinforced by our results-oriented society.

On the other hand, our intuition beckons us to experience those juicy emotions that feel sticky and slow us down. Are they trying to tell us something?

What good comes out of slowing down when progress might be straight ahead? Doing something, rather than nothing, feels better, because choosing action can be a choice to be in control.

Taking control is a conditioned habit for many of us. Yet, the urge to “make it happen” symbolically connects with our patriarchal system. The “male” energy can be powerful, but is there a whole part of ourselves that we have been ignoring?

After considering these insights on handling change, I decided to check in with my “female” energy.

First, I had to wait. The wisdom of the Feminine Force extends beyond the bounds of linear outcomes. She took her time to reflect on the nuances and subtleties of my future, despite my impatience.

I took a deep breath.

While I waited, it dawned on me that I had created my own stress because I had not slowed down enough to listen to her: my intuition. The little voice we ignore and later regret ignoring.

There were reasons I felt restless, and they all deserved consideration. The feminine energy holds our creative awareness that connects to everything, and “just knows.”

We each have a special role in creating a future filled with love, compassion, abundance, and sustainability. You and I have our own divine blueprint that provides insights on our specific path, process and timing. We may travel on separate roads, yet they are all connected.

By fully expressing our Feminine Force we are creating the future in a fierce and loving way.

Give yourself time to listen and trust your heart.

Would you like to know more about your Divine Blueprint and how your Feminine Force is represented? Register for an upcoming workshop.

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