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Leading through Change - How to Pace Yourself

If you are driven to “get things done,” and let’s face it, most leaders or business owners have an active list of priorities, it can be hard to pace yourself.

Donkeys do what they can and no more. They pace themselves. Do you?

I recently read that the difference between a horse and a donkey was that a horse would work until it dropped, and a donkey will stop.

Donkeys say no to going beyond their physical limits. The service they offer is steady and reliable.

Horses are intelligent and generous. They stay the course at their own expense, because they want to please.

It’s important to recognize how pacing can help you manage energy and take advantage of unexpected opportunities.

Across industries, business leaders continue to adjust to the global impacts of COVID, Wars, and Environmental disasters which have disrupted supply chains across industries. These unpredictable events can upset the best strategic plans and even wear you out if you are not careful.

Sometimes the spirit of the horse ‘s “all in” approach makes sense, like when you are running a timed race or have a project deadline.

In our current times, pacing is priority. Pacing can help you be more efficient with your time and energy. Both are valuable resources. The feeling of urgency can drive you to take action to fast which creates problems and wastes your fuel.

Some signs you’re NOT pacing:

· Focusing is difficult

· Feeling irritable or frustrated

· Frequent rushing

· Minimal satisfaction

In the current cycles, the donkey approach makes more sense than ever before. Right now, no one knows exactly what the future holds.

Pacing will help you make the most of all your resources moving forward. It’s not an easy shift for many of us.

On the bright side, new opportunities are emerging and by pacing yourself, you will recognize when it’s time for action.

How do you pace yourself? What circumstances make it easier or harder for you to maintain a pace that is energy rich?

If you want to learn more about how you can manage stress and focus your energy where you can make the most impact, let's talk! or to schedule a call.

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