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Your Voice Matters

Has anyone ever said this to you?:

Why didn’t you speak up?

I know you have something to say.

Don’t hold back.

No one will know what you think if you are quiet.

(This one is my favorite.) Just be honest.

With so much encouragement it is hard to believe any of us would hesitate to use our "voice." Well, I’ll just be honest. Many of us do not believe it is safe to be ourselves and there are many reasons. You might relate to one of these examples.

For some, your family dynamics discouraged you from sharing your opinion. Maybe your curiosities and talents didn’t fit the family "prototype" and no one was interested or encouraging. For others, you were criticized when you finally did express yourself.

Do you know why YOU hesitate to use your voice?

Once you acknowledge the circumstances influencing your perceptions then you have to accept that there are consequences for not using your voice.

When you think about it, your voice is a mirror of how you use your power. If you traded silence for belonging, then you believed exclusion was the price for speaking up. Maybe it was true. Maybe it wasn’t. Understanding the emotions behind your conclusions requires effort that provides insights that can set you free.

Remember this: Your choices are behaviors that show your beliefs in action.

The way you think, your emotional reactions, your physical responses, and your spiritual orientation are unique to you and your purpose. In fact, they all represent elements of your self-expression that have been with you since birth. You have your very own unique "blue-print" direct from the universe that maps out your role as part of something bigger.

Your voice connects your gifts and talents to the big picture. When you suppress expression you are not the only one who misses out on the experience. Don’t deprive us! The world needs you.

I am curious, when do you feel your "Voice" is most powerful?

There is a lot more to talk about when it comes to your "Voice" and we will dig into this topic a bit at our upcoming monthly call.

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