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Managing Change and Growth

Have you had a good change recently? It has been almost two years since Kirk (my husband) and I relocated to the Midwest. I don’t need to use my GPS to get home from the grocery store anymore, so that is a good change!

Of course, with any change, there are stressors, surprises, and suspense. Suspense is built into the unknown and that’s what makes it exciting. How will change work out? What happens next?

I remind myself all the time that anxiety and excitement create an identical chemistry in the body. You can choose how you want to translate the body’s message. When you claim “excitement” as the message in your body, it’s the first step to embracing suspense and change.

As human beings we are wired for stability and survival, so any change, even good change, can feel disruptive. Being aware of how you respond to change in your body, emotions, and thoughts can help you make the most of your opportunities, right now.

You might not know the exact outcome, but by increasing your response awareness, the suspense becomes fuel.

For example, at my recent retreat, the theme was designed around understanding how perceived limitations shape how we see possibilities. There are many dimensions to this process, but one big takeaway is that change requires moving into the unknown.

My clients had massive breakthroughs that set them free to expand their mindsets. Their intentions and goals rocketed. All of them are dynamic and accomplished, yet they all discovered new ways to play with the unknown. Changing their perceptions clarified their intentions and made it easier to recognize opportunities. Suspense is the gap between the old and the new, before change happens.

How have you experienced suspense on your journey?

When you have an intention or a goal, what are you seeking to change?

What gets in your way? What supports you?

Are you committed to accelerating your personal growth and professional outcomes? Let's talk! Schedule a call at I look forward to learning more about you.

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