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Security and Self-Honesty

If the first week of May felt intense for you personally and professionally, you are not alone. A lot is unfolding that triggers people.

It’s important to remember that as we navigate our life, there are cycles unfolding all of the time.

Right now we are nearing the end of an eclipse cycle.

Eclipse cycles are connected to the moon, and they bring clarity to how our emotions are playing into our decisions. They highlight what needs to change. This Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle started in November of 2021 and ends in October of 2023.

Security and self-honesty are the headline.

Taurus is associated with money, real estate, farming, and food. Scorpio is associated with emotional depth, passion, and focus. There is a very personal quality to this very practical theme.

During this Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle, if you have experienced anxiety or questioned “what you want” or “why you are doing what you are doing,” then your values are coming to light. Maybe what you thought you wanted, you suddenly don’t.

Anxiety often comes up with fears around the unknown. And for many of us, the unknown appears foreboding.

Eclipses accelerate change by bringing in new opportunities and getting rid of things that have not been working. It could be related to the work. Maybe the terms of your relationship are up for review. It could be around money, or that the way that you want to live is changing.

Hence, self-honesty.

One way to learn about what this means for you is to think about what you were experiencing when the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle happened previously, in 2002 - 2005. The theme repeats every 20 years (approximately), but the context is different.

It’s like a class you took a long time ago, and you are taking it again with more experience. The more you remember, the easier it is to get the most out of the updated class. The insights you gain, give you an advantage moving forward.

What happened in your life? What were you making decisions about? If you weren’t the decision maker, how did events at that time influence the way you approach money and security?

So if you are asking, “why is this important for me to think about now?,” remember it helps you navigate and process your life.

When you don’t know why you feel anxious it is impossible to soothe yourself and create internal stability, and it’s even harder to determine what changes are going to benefit you most.

There is a big difference making a decision when you understand why you are doing it. It may not be easy, but it definitely reduces the anxiety.

Taking some time to journal about what security means to you, and being honest with yourself about changes you want, will help you set the foundation for what’s coming next, and this is just a sliver of what is unfolding. More to come…

P.S. Thank you for sending me notes about my emails, blogs, and videos. If you have a question or want to share your own experience, I would love to hear from you!

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