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What Does Your Future Have in Common with 1934?

We are currently in a cycle that challenges two areas of life: your sense of security, and how do you take responsibility for your unique contribution to a group. This is a very important cycle that is active for the next year and is relevant to you personally, for the next 30 years.

The same test theme happened in 1934. This repeat cycle correlates with people's fear around security, and how people's fears drove them to align with groups that blamed others for their problems. Fear can be irrational. This is why having clarity around your values, what you stand for, and who you align with, is now more critical than ever. When you take responsibility for yourself in this way, this cycle provides a huge opportunity! When the things you need to feel secure are aligned with your values, you become a more creative problem solver.

Another important part of this cycle relates to how the planet Saturn rewards you for your efforts and good deeds. Saturn rewards patience and perseverance, so this is a time to push through, complete stalled projects, and look for ways to serve others. Become aware of the groups in which you participate, your motives for being there, and the contributions you make.

However, if your attitude is, "I can't think about these things so I'm just gonna’ roll with it." then no rewards for you, because you're not taking responsibility for your role in the group, and you’re are not defining the reasons you participate. If you fail to connect your personal values to your actions, you're choosing to be irresponsible. Instead of rewarding you, the lessons come in forms that are harder and harder to ignore.

Saturn is the teacher, and in Aquarius, it’s about our role in groups and how we value humanity. This cycle played out just before Hitler seized power and kicked off WWII. The price was high and should never be forgotten. This repeat cycle of 1934 includes Uranus in Taurus, which brings up the theme of security, as it relates to our fundamental needs. Right now, you and I are being called to understand our values as they are driving our choices that are setting up the future. It may not be easy, but the rewards will open up opportunities for you as well as expand options for others. Pay attention, the rewards are worth it, and the price is high if you don’t.

If you'd like to dig deeper into how this cycle is guiding you to plant the seeds for your future. Contact click here to schedule a conversion and see how I can support you.

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